Resoling and Refurbishing your Guat Shoes

Unlike many other shoes, our shoes can be resoled and refurbished.

For a Standard Resole we will attach a new sole, reshape the shoe and where necessary make any minor repairs to the stitching, eyelets, etc. If the uppers are in reasonable condition, resoled and refurbished shoes can often look almost like new after a repair.

If your shoes are very badly worn you may need a Full repair. For this we will completely remove the upper from the sole, and replace and restitch the insole and sole, making any minor repairs to linings, upper stitching, eyelets, etc along the way.

If you are unsure which type of repair you need, we would suggest that you order a regular repair and we will inform you when we see the shoes if we think you need a full repair.

Please post the shoes to us indicating which sort of repair you prefer.

If you don't wish to pay online, you can either enclose a cheque with your shoes, or pay by card over the telephone once you have posted your shoes (be sure to include your name, address, and daytime phone number with your shoes).

If paying by cheque please include £9.00 shipping cost. This is a fixed cost for one order of one or more pairs of shoes.

A standard repair is £57, and  a full repair £75. Postage and packaging is £9 for one or more pairs.

Please select your resole type (if unsure select Standard)

Add any other information which might be relevant to your repair in the box below; for example shoe style, colour, size (if known), etc