Handmade Mens Shoes, Mens Boots, and Mens Sandals in Vegan and Leather Materials

Men's  Footwear

Once we receive your order, the materials for your handmade mens shoes are carefully selected and hand cut from premium materials.

Assembly, construction, lasting, and finishing is undertaken by a  single craftsperson. This method has proved over the years to be the most efficient, satisfying and reliable way of producing our footwear. It allows us to give you the best possible fit and ensures the consistency and integrity of each pair.

We also believe that the satisfaction we get from working this way, enhances the the natural comfort and enjoyment you experience from wearing our shoes!

Lace up

Handmade Mens Shoes - Mens Lace up in tan leather



Chukka boot

Handmade Mens Boots - Chukka boot in Heritage brown leather


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Derby shoe

Handmade Mens Shoes - Mens Derby shoe


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Handmade Mens Shoes - Mens Bowler


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Crofter Sandal

Handmade Mens Sandals - Crofter sandal in chestnut leather



Short boot

Handmade Mens Boots - Short boot in tan leather